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Friday, October 25, 2002

Simple Things

Ok, here's my first wish/want/need. It's not millionaire worthy but still out of my price range. I just love the nature/woodsy feel of it. Besides, it promises SWAROVSKI STONES which really appeals to my Raven's eye. :)

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Monday, October 21, 2002

Oh the fun of it all!

Ah yes... what would I do with 1 million dollars? Or more accurately with lots and lots of money (because although it is a catchy title from a Barenaked Ladies song, 1 million isn't enough to do much with other than buy a house and put something away for retirement).

So, what would I do with lots and lots of money?

Well in all honesty even though this blog is supposed to be frivolous the very first thing I would do is cover my medical bills and the medical bills of my friends and family, but everyone already knows that so I'll go into other things I want, and yes even other things I need.

1. Treeless Sports Saddle: I honestly don't know if this should go into the want or need category. My horse Twister doesn't have a saddle, and if I'm going to do any kind of riding on him at all in the next year or two when he is old enough I am going to need to use something. My friend Deanna has some saddles but none of them fit. For the horse its kind of like walking for miles in shoes that are too small. You end up with sore spots and blisters, except for the horse it is on the back not the feet. I also need to get a bridle, a breastcollar, easyboots, stirrups, a saddlepad, and a girth. Oh yeah, and when I start doing the trails with Twister in a few years (hopefully) I will also need packs, among other things.

2. Black as Knight: Ok, this one definately falls into the frivolous category. My horse is a dark bay because he is a fader, but whenever he has new coat growth he looks nearly black. With this special feed I'd have my own black arabian :o).

Ok, I think I'm going to stop it there for tonight. I could go on and on and on but I want to leave some for another day :o)

Happy fantasizing!!

posted by Jen at 11:43 PM #

When the World Falls Down

I don't think I have to tell any of you what an influence Labyrinth was on me, and I've been coveting a mask from the ballroom scene for years, so imagine my shock when my sibling sent me the link to this mask designer. To say I want it is putting it mildly. In fact, I want it so much that I've decided to put aside $10 or $20 from each paycheque and put it in to the Labyrinth mask fund. I want the firebird mask with horns but without the beak, though I'm torn between the colour scheme in my link to the right and the silver/purple/black/blue combination.

Ahhh, decisions.

posted by Sarah Jane at 8:50 PM #

Welcome to the Wish List

Okay, so here's the deal. This is our wish blog. It's where we post what we'd run out and buy if we won the lottery or pushed an eccentric billionaire out of the path of a runaway streetcar or something. There is to be no listing practical things here. No tuition, no recording contracts, no medications. Just pure, unbridled avarice.

So, whenever you see something you really, really want, post it here so the rest of us can drool over it with you.

posted by Sarah Jane at 6:38 PM #

Money where our mouths are:

Yes, once in a while we actually will scrimp and save every penny to buy that one thing we really, really want.

Sarah's Goal:
Labyrinth Mask

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